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BCPM Calculator. Professional and graduate schools, and the application services they use, expect you to report all attempted classes as part of your overall GPA calculation. Please refer to the "course work" sections of the instruction manuals — available below — for how to accurately compute your Math-Science or
Download the BCPM Calculator Spreadsheet. Input courses outlined in the orange box on the AMCAS Course Classification Guide (All courses from the CHEM, BISC, BIOC, PHYS, ANAT, MATH, & STAT departments are automatically included. For all other courses, consult the Guide.) Input the course department and
Pre-Veterinary. Timeline · Pre-Veterinary Medicine · Allied Health · Pre-Communications Sciences (Audiology and Speech Language Pathology) · Pre-Pharmacy · Pre-Physician Assistant · Pre-Occupational Therapy · Pre-Physical Therapy: Resources. Frequently Asked Questions · GPA Calculator · BCPM Calculator.
Please enter *BCPM courses taken (or equivalent CU courses for courses taken anywhere else) and grades. After calculating BCPM GPA (use button at bottom), print out this page for your records.
What JHU Courses Apply to the BCPM GPA? Below are JHU courses typically included in the calculation of the BCPM GPA. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list: BIOLOGY. 020.123 Genetics, Genomics, and Evol (or other Bio seminars) 020.151 Gen Bio I (4 cr.) 020.153 Gen Bio Lab I (1 cr.) 020.152 Gen Bio II (4 cr.)
7, Freshman Year Classes, Enter Transcript Grade, AMCAS Weight - Grade Point Conversion (Automatically Entered), Enter Number of Unit Hours on Transcript, AMCAS Calculated Hours (Automatically Entered), Quality Points (Automatically Entered), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or Math Class (BCPM) (Check Box if Yes)
BCPM Calculation Instructions. Which Courses to Include. List all instances of biological science, chemistry, physics and mathematics courses taken, even if they were repeated, withdrawn from, or if you received a failing grade. Please use a separate sheet for undergraduate, post-baccalaureate (undergraduate level
Science GPA Calculator. Math and Science GPA calculations include all courses taken from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. Enter the Course Number and Course Name, number of Credit Hours, the letter grade your received, press TAB or click "Compute" and the Calculator will calculate "Quality
Calculation of BCPM. (For Applicant Data Form). To calculate your science GPA, or BCPM, include all courses in. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. 0.00. A+. A. A-. B+. B. B-. C+. C. C-. D.
Your BCPM GPA (sometimes called a science GPA) includes all Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math courses taken as an undergraduate. On the AMCAS application, you will be asked to classify your courses in one of 20 categories. These include:

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